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Industrial Logo Deliverable formats include: .psd (photoshop-file), .gif, .jpg, .tiff, .png, this will cover everything you need for web, print and signage. Other formats are available upon request.

Industries, manufacturers and factories are often working behind the scenes. While people know about popular products they consume every day, there is little awareness about the production facilities behind them. Even in such a state of affairs, industries also have to market themselves to their own circle of clients and for that, they need to have a professional logo design which goes on all business cards and related material.

If your industry or factory’s logo is professionally done, not only will you leave a good first impression on potential clients, your own reputation and branding in the market will benefit from it. The design elements used in your industrial logo will all depend on the type of industry you are part of. If you are in construction for instance, your logo can have bricks, or an element denoting strength. If you are in technical manufacturing, your logo can have gears, cogs and levers etc.

Best Elements for Industrial Logo Designs

Cogs – Factory – Geometric Shapes

Best Fonts for Industrial Logo Designs

Neiga – Conero – Han Solo

Best Colors for Industrial Logo Designs

Black – White – Blue – Green – Red

For your custom industrial logo design, put together a creative brief that can help the designer understand your industry and its unique selling points. Your creative brief is very important if you are serious about your logo design. Mention your company/factory’s history in the brief and the main service you provide or category of products you manufacture.

When it comes to color choices, if there are any particular colors associated with your industry, list them in your brief. If not, it is safe to stick with black, blue, green and red. Your choice of a font is also important and you should go for clear, bold and official fonts because of the nature of your business.

Our in-house team of professional designers can deliver what you need. Check out our wide range of logo design packages to find one that suits your needs and requirements.

Your Industrial Logo Design is just 24 hours away that is if you select our Unlimited Package. Please note that we do not use clipart or pre-made logos. All Industrial Logo Design are created from scratch; hence are custom designed just for you.

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