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Be it the Olympic Games, video games or board games, their logos are an extremely important part of their popularity and recognition. Think about your childhood and try to remember a few games you played. Whether it is monopoly or UNO, you will surely remember the main illustrations and logos on those games, because they are not only designed to be catchy but also to be associated with the game in such a manner than people remember them.

Some of the common elements include bright colors, bold overall design and illustrations. However, these elements vary from case to case and there is always room for creativity. For instance, the last Olympics logo is very simple in terms of design elements, but is catchy and memorable thanks to its unique take on ‘2012’ and striking color combination. In the case of Big Fish Games, the logo simply focuses on the fish from the company’s name and revolves around it – another effective approach.

Best Elements for Games Logo Designs

Company/game name – Abstract shape – Brand Ambassador Illustration

Best Fonts for Games Logo Designs

Neovix Basic – Bandoengsche – Kill The Lights

Best Colors for Games Logo Designs

Blue – Red – Orange – Pink – Black

When getting a logo for your game or a related business, keep in mind the fact that creativity is key here. Since games are all about clever entertainment and ingenuity, your logo needs to reflect the same values. The kind of games you make or sell will also have a strong bearing on your logo. For instance, if you are publishing flight simulations, your logo could use wings. Likewise, if your games have to do with cars and racing, a wheel would be an appropriate design element.

Your choices of colors should be right and bold so that the logo attracts your customers. The font also needs to be stylized and bold in order to make an impact. If you are seriously considering professional logo designing services, you should take a look at our packages, which we guarantee, are unbeatable in the market.

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