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Construction Logo Deliverable formats include: .psd (photoshop-file), .gif, .jpg, .tiff, .png, this will cover everything you need for web, print and signage. Other formats are available upon request.

In construction business, companied tend to design their logos in such a way that it reflects their individual trademark and corporate identity within the niche while making a bold and tasteful statement, be it by using text, animation, symbols, and even 3-D effects. The impact of brilliantly designed becomes all the more important in construction services, because it basically reflects the creativity of the vendor. A good logo design can have huge amplifying consequences on the pace of the overall business and the client base which it can attract.

While designing a logo for a construction company, there are many parameters which should be kept in mind, but there are some which hold pivotal importance. The first aspect is related to the elements which can be used in a construction logo. It basically defines the area of expertise which the company excels in or is trying to promote. Some of the companies only rely on the descriptive format; they tend to wrap it up with such flair that it creates the desired effect.

Secondly colours signify the nature of the job and should be very carefully selected. For example, red and bright orange are often used as danger and warning signs respectively and in keeping with the nature of the job, construction agencies tend to go with these colours options. The main idea is to create an impact in the mind of the prospective client.

Best Elements for Construction Logo Designs

Trees, rivers, woodland animals, heavy duty steel pipes , animated groups of construction workers, construction tools, roads that are under construction, bridges, canals and dams.

Best Fonts for Construction Logo Designs

Arial, simplex, Simpson

Best Colors for Construction Logo Designs

Blue, yellow, deep red, light orange

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