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Charitable organizations actually need effective logos in order to gain recognition and raise funds from around the world. The more known your logo is, the more people will be able to identify your charity and donate to it. While logo recognition comes with time, it is important that you start well and hire professional logo design services rather than going for cheap logo designs and discounts.

One of the most common design elements in popular charity logos is a graphical depiction of their mandate. For instance, Feeding America’s logo very aptly depicts wheat, which automatically helps you connect with their cause. Likewise, United Way’s logo represents hope and a better tomorrow, conveying their message to prospective supporters. The Red Cross logo is somewhat a unique case, where an abstract element has been used for so long that it has become the de facto representation of a cause, such a logo however is not always the best.

Best Elements for Charity Logo Designs

Joined hands – Sun rise – Water – Globe

Best Fonts for Charity Logo Designs

Bebas – Sansation – Telegrafico

Best Colors for Charity Logo Designs

Blue – White – Yellow – Green – Red

It is recommended that you go for strong fonts which convey purpose through your logo. Since a charity is all about gaining the trust of people, you need your logo to be inviting and subtly depicting your cause through graphical elements.

A thorough discussion with your designer is important so that you get a logo that effectively depicts your charity’s mission. Monochrome logos are not recommended for charity’s – go for neutral colors and if possible a small mission statement. Remember, the most important aspect of a charity logo design is its ability to get the mission statement across with symbolism.

If you are looking for a custom charity logo design, our professional designers can help you realize your dream logo.

Your Charity Logo Design is just 24 hours away that is if you select our Unlimited Package. Please note that we do not use clipart or pre-made logos. All Charity Logo Design are created from scratch; hence are custom designed just for you.

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